“Priyanka, it was such a pleasure to be interviewed by you. I am so impressed by your precocious tenacity, passion and expansive worldview. Thought you’d like to know that your story on me has caused a bump in sales of my book! I am so thrilled and touched. Thank you for caring about human beings and for not waiting for anyone to give you permission to publish the stories that matter to you. I will watch your career with great interest! Thank you again for being so courageous, so conscientious, so precocious! KEEP WRITING!”
– Amy Logan, author of The Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice

“Really enjoyed your work here Priyanka, very refreshing to read compared to all of the other stuff we have to power through. Well done, keep it up.”
– Victor Nascimiento, student

“You’ve really given us the feeling that you actually do want to get across what we have to say, and that for you it’s not just about getting a few quotes and putting a quick article together. I wouldn’t have expected someone looking for an interview to put us at ease and give us so much room for input on the article itself. If you keep this level of attention to detail and treat all you interviewees the way you’ve dealt with us, I have no doubts that you’ll do very well as a journalist. Not to mention that your writing ability is impressive.”
– Mati Contal, photographer

“Wow, I am blown away by this blog! I think you are such an impressive young woman and writer and that you will do a lot of good in your life. I check in on your blog frequently and I’m SO impressed! Keep on going!!!! BRAVO!”
– Jean Sasson, best-selling author of the Princess series

“Thank you Priyanka. It was a pleasure cooperating with you. I want to say thank you for your interest in our work and project. It will also be great to have here one day to visit the association and take a look at our activities. Hope to see you in Lebanon soon.”
– Nisreen Rammal, Project Coordinator for Amel Association

“Wow, I’m impressed at how you turned an interview into such a well-written piece! You have what it takes to be a great journalist and writer. You are curious about others, you pose excellent questions, and you know how to weave the answers into a highly interesting piece. Thank you again, you are extremely impressive with your work.”
– Jean Sasson, best-selling author of the Princess series

“Huge thanks! Appreciate the support and the coverage! Well done on a great article, and definitely hope to stay in touch about EHHR and what CIVICUS will be doing. All the best for the internship- and don’t hesitate to contact us in the future. By the way, our UN rep in Geneva was very impressed with the blog, and will be using it to showcase EHHR to her networks! Well done!”
– Megan MacGarry, Project Coordinator for Every Human Has Rights

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. jeansasson says:

    Hi! I received your email on my private email address. I did respond. Please let me know that it was you as I have some very sneaky stalkers… sigh and smile! Jean

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