YouthForYouth Politics: Brian Paddick candidate profile

With voting day just around the corner, many young Londoners are still completely unaware of who is running and how them being elected can shape our city. In order to make this clearer, I have arranged for three young Londoners to break down the candidate’s policies for you in a way you will relate to. 

At a recent meeting with young Londoners, Nick Clegg and Brian Paddick, I overheard a young man saying that if he weren’t actively engaged with politics or if he were just sitting at home and watching TV, he wouldn’t know there were candidates besides Ken and Borris in the race for mayor. For that reason, I have also chosen to focus only on the relatively silenced mayoral candidates in this race: Jenny Jones, Brian Baddick, and our only independent candidate, Siobhan Benita. 

Ken and Borris have been given enough of a platform to bicker at each other. Now, I want to give the others candidates a louder voice. The three candidates I will be presenting to you over the next few days are the ones I believe have something great to offer to young Londoners, but unfortunately, haven’t been given nearly the amount of coverage that they deserve. On Saturday, Elliot Folan voiced his opinions on the Green Party candidate, Jenny Jones and her policies. Now, without further delay, we introduce young Londoners to the second candidate they haven’t heard enough about.  

Brian Paddick
by Mohamad Osman 

Brian Paddick addresses young Londoners at Youth Vote London, Ministry of Sound
Source: Mogul.P

Brian Paddick is probably not best known for his political career, but rather for his time as Deputy Assistant Commissioner at the London Metropolitan Police Service (and maybe even for his appearance on ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’). However, as the Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate for London, he is certainly using his previously learnt expertise to recognise and tackle issues; ranging from transport and housing to job opportunities and, of course, policing.


In the wake of last year’s riots, it is undeniable that there are huge cracks in the relationship between the youth of London and its police. Brian is certainly not afraid of mentioning his policing history and doesn’t doubt for a second that this has allowed him to understand the issues (of which he reveals there are many!) in the Metropolitan Police. He states his aim is to ultimately have the police and young people ‘standing together’ against the criminals of society.

Not afraid of stating facts, Brian has announced that you are ‘4.5 times more likely’ to be stopped and searched if you are black and has declared that ‘stop and search is racist’. Proud of his hands-on approach in his policing career, Brian claims that ‘police can’t disrespect you the way that they do and that means a change in culture in the police’. He aims to completely change the culture of London’s police to eventually have the police and young people on the same side.

While not contemplating a complete overhaul of the stop-and-search system currently in place, his other concerns include the amount of police operating in areas where they do not live and the almost-completely destroyed relationship between the youth and police.

He is also hoping to introduce a London-wide community payback scheme, which would allow local residents to have a say in what criminals should be doing in their communities; a “You break it. You fix it” type idea to reassure Londoners that the justice system is actually working.


While transport seems to be one of the main concerns of Londoner’s these days, Brian Paddick has his own policies that he intends to implement on our tube and bus networks. Explaining that drastically cutting fares and spending would be disastrous (making the already frequent signal failures even worse), he suggests reducing fares specifically for those that need it. This includes part-time workers and those who travel in the earliest hours of the day.

One of the most appealing ideas he has is a “one-hour bus ticket”, which would allow anyone to purchase a single ticket for a one-off price and change between buses as many times as they like within one hour of the purchase. Another issue that Brian seems to have picked up on is what he calls an ‘out of control’ difference in prices between oyster card and ticket fares. It has even reached a point where it’s almost double when paying in cash to use London’s transport system. We also can’t ignore Boris Johnson’s spending of £11 million on the new RouteMaster buses (of which only 1/9 is currently in use) and his £36 million cable-car scheme to cross the river Thames, while comparatively, Brian Paddick’s plans to actually reduce spending seems to be more in-tune with what the people actually want.

Opportunities for young people

With the recent announcement of a double-dip recession affecting the UK along with inevitably increasing unemployment, young people are finding it more and more difficult to find a job. While improvements are being made in terms of apprenticeships, Brian wants to make sure that every young person has the opportunity to start training, an apprenticeship or work experience.

Another statistic suggests that 50% of young black people are unemployed, suggesting that there is obvious discrimination in our business sectors. Brian wants to see businesses and education institutions to work together, not only to tackle racism, but also to ensure that what you study in school/college is what you will need when it comes to getting a job.

Brian’s plans to increase work placements involve small, medium and big businesses, ensuring the youth have a wide variety of choice. Simultaneously, Brian and the Lib Dems want to create schemes that encourage enterprise and the young entrepreneurs of London to make their business ideas a reality.





Reduced fares (especially for those who need it)

A ‘You break it. You fix it’ policy

Increased number of internships, work placements, apprenticeships etc.

1 hour bus tickets

Community payback schemes

Education system that teaches you what you need to know for work

Early bird discounts

Improved relationship between youth and police

Increased support for young entrepreneurs

Reintroduction of ‘Outer London Day Travelcards’

Overhaul of stop & search practices and police culture

Increased number of work placements to cover big and small businesses

Mohamad Osman is a British-Lebanese 19 year old, studying International Politics. He has lived in London all his life and strongly believes that better relations need to be established between the youth and the police in his city. After discussing the Lib Dem’s policing policies with Brian Paddick and Nick Clegg at an event in April, Mohamad’s vote was won. 

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